Here we are

Here we are

Friday, July 13, 2012

A new sink faucet

Our sink started dripping a little while ago. W tried a couple of times to fix it, but he had determined that we needed new stems in the faucet. Our local plumbing store didn't have the right ones for our faucet so we were going to have to special order them. It took us a while to get around to getting the new ones ordered, meanwhile the faucet continued to drip drip drip. We probably lost about 3 full bath tubs of water. Well we got the new ones ordered and come to find out they were going to cost $42 a piece! That's $84 to fix the dang sink faucet! Well we scratched that and looked for another alternative........
W found this little gem at Home Depot for $37, on clearance from $119. Score!!!! We have a new facuet that doesn't leak. Way to go Papa Bear! It doesn't quite match the rest of the bathroom, but who cares for that price. We hope to redo the bathroom one of these days and we will match everything to this. :)

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