Here we are

Here we are

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My new goal

Soooo, it is no secret to my friends that I don't like to do the dishes. I have had many people over the years help me out with this small issue when I have been on bedrest or just plain sick.
(Thank you again!!)
I love it when my family comes to visit because they help with the dishes (thank you too!)

Well, I am sick of having dirty dishes. Wouldn't you be?
Seeing a sight like this will make anyone run and hide.

    We went home for a visit at the beginning of July and when we came back the kitchen was all nice and clean (because I cleaned it before we left, that is a must) and I decided I needed a fresh start, a new relationship, with the dishes. If I just do the dishes once a day, it won't turn into a scarry mess. I had a fresh start so it was pretty easy. My goal wasn't to keep any dirty dishes from getting on the counter and wash them right away, that would have fizzled out really quick. My goal was to just do something once a day. I have to admit that before I would go for 3-4 days sometimes longer without doing any dishes, hence the above picture taken in October last year.
  So I started my goal the 2nd week in July and I was doing pretty well, I was keeping up on the dishes. It made the house look so much nicer. I was proud of myself that I was acutally keeping up on them! Then........I got sick, I got strep throat. It put me in bed and on the couch for two days, four days before I was feeling normal. I was sick on the weekend, which stinks for receiving health care, but really good for Daddy to take care of the kids. He takes great care of the kids, but not so good at taking care of the housework. Then I left for the family trip that didn't happen. (There were dishes in the sink, but I didn't have time to do them and W said that he would do them since he wasn't coming with me. I was going to be gone for a week but ended coming back the same day and he hadn't done them yet). I was in a bad mood because I wasn't supposed to be home and didn't want to unpack or clean up. I was supposed to be at my dad's house! Then we worked all day outside........ so the kitchen suffered. I feel like I am back to square one and the kitchen is a mess and I am slightly overwhelmed and annoyed with the dishes. But I know I can keep up on them, I just need to do the work and get back to "keeping up" rather than "cathing up". I just hope life doesn't get in the way too much so the kitchen can look like this more often.

And when I can get a good habit of keeping up on the dishes, then it will be time to involve the children and we can all share in the fun!

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